Cypress House Cleaning Narrative

Cypress house cleaning at an affordable rate. If you live in Cypress, California then you may want to consider my flexible hours. I offer my Cypress house cleaning service and prices because I live in Cypress. Other Orange County cities do not enjoy the same house cleaning fees as residents and Cypress. I Cypress house cleaning fees also apply to Cypress businesses. can clean during the night or early morning hours. I can clean during any day the week for Cypress residents including Cypress businesses.

How long does it take?

It's a cleaning matter. What's the task and what's the challange?

The time I spend cleaning a house depends upon my clients expectations. Most often floors either need vacuuming and/ or dusting. Sometimes it may need some wax. Sometimes hard surface floors may need a little buffet. I have equipment for buffing floors and I can add this to the cleaning routine comes at no extra charge. It's hard to beat this service for the price.

House cleaning usually calls for scrubbing and rinsing bathing areas, sinks, and other surfaces. What about dusting? It's a simple task, but it takes time. I have a form that some of my house cleaning customers prefer to use. They simply check off what needs cleaning.

What I charge

I charge $25 per hour cash; I ask for a two hour minimum and a six hour maximum. I include the cost of cleaning materials including cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment. Of course, some clients prefer that I use their preferred products and are located somewhere in their home.

What you should expect

You should expect me to arrive on time. You should expect me to work at a steady pace while trying to protect your property. Anytime I seem to lag it's for a good reason and I intend to add value to my work. And becomes apparent to my customers that I work in good faith.

What you should not expect

You should not expect me to use toxic chemicals. You should not expect me to leave household trash within the premises. You should not expect me to listen to a radio as I work. I may answer the telephone briefly. In any case, it is my practice to add value to my work by the end of the work.. There is always something else to clean.


Throughout our lives we waste so much time looking for an "amazing" cleaning products. For me, it seems like almost every time I go into a hardware store or janitorial's supply store I looked at cleaning chemicals. I'm always looking for a better product and I've tried many as the half full bottles in my garage testify. I had every dollar back for every product I tested and have quite a bit of money. It adds up over 15 years.

There is a paragraph dedicated to those Cypress folks with sentiments similar to my own. There is a paragraph dedicated to those Cypress folks with sentiments similar to my own.

Luckily for you, I wasted my money and my time and I'm able to share what little I really do know about cleaning products. I was say this, there's a lot to be said for Simple Green and its grease cutting power. Usually I use it at full strength. I can say to that it works as a pesticide when used against ants on nonporous surfaces. Using Simple Green on nonporous surfaces to dissuade ants from invading pays dividends. Citrus cleaner also works pretty well for cleaning. Then there's Pine-Sol, the old standby for the US military. Others exist, but these are the ones I use most often.

I have had much luck with the natural products unless they want to count Pine-Sol as a natural product I will say that zip citrus cleaner and Simple Green claim to be of organic origins. I have no reason to discount their claim. I will say that Simple Green is hard on the eyes.

When it comes to Cypress house cleaning, then, it's good to have a good cleaning product. There is nothing worse than trying to do Cypress house cleaning and using weak and ineffective cleaning solutions.

Although I don't use bar keepers friend-abbreviated as PKF, this non-scratch grubbing powder in a gold shaker comes in handy for scrubbing and rinsing bar surfaces that tend to scratch. When is not wise to use common or Ajax or other abrasives, PKF will get the job done. It's safe on glass and ceramic cook-tops when using a scratch responds her cloth, too.

Scrub free bathroom cleaner with boxy clean is a nice little Cypress house cleaning bathroom cleaning agent. Including scrub free along with other Cypress house cleaning products helps a lot when working on tubs, showers, fixtures, toilets, and all sorts of sinks. It's important to clean bathrooms so that soap scum and hard water residue are cut from shower walls, doors, and tubs as quickly and as effectively as possible. It's better not to scrub these areas unless absolutely necessary anyway. In those cases house cleaning tasks for heavily soiled tub/shower cleaning products, it's best to use the leverage with arm power. To leverage arm power, and sometimes best to use a pool with an abrasive scouring pad attached.

A good grease cutting does so like Don or Palmolive works nicely for a Cypress house cleaning efforts and attention. These products have many uses for dish soap and diluted water for use full strength at times. These products are easily used for stove cleaning as well and helped remove grease stains from clothing. Some people use these products for outdoor grills as well as general hand washing in the kitchen. Important when trying to keep up a Cypress house cleaning pattern to have something like Don or Palmolive handy with a few clean microfiber towels. (By the way, you can get a goodbye on microfiber towels at Cosco.)

Liquid gold receives five stars as a furniture cleaner. It has many uses decides furniture cleaning two. It's been around for a long time and works well on helping to clean stainless steel appliances. It works well on bronze or brushed nickel fixtures in a bathroom. Is nice on shower heads and works on doorknobs as well. In the almost no once they've been cleaned with liquid gold. Liquid gold works well on home furniture and in a Cypress house cleaning effort, it's important to remember to use liquid gold occasionally like every month or two.

A spray cleaner available at Cypress Home Depot carries most supplies needed for a Cypress house cleaning event. Clorox and scrub free with bleach are important to have. They're good on light-colored countertops and sinks. When it comes to those Cypress house cleaning tough stains and take up so many hours of labor, it's important have these products in mind. Keep in mind too, to be cautious in clothing and other items that might be damaged by these products, which has a well-known history for causing color loss and fabrics as well as carpeting. But over the years as Cypress house cleaning efforts developed, it became clear that the last generations of carpet became less color loss prone. So as of late, some of the more recent carpets suffer less color loss from bleach, but always test in a corner of a closet first before using products. As a disinfectant goes,

Lysol works pretty well and it's a all-purpose cleaner. It's use on floor surfaces as well as bathroom and kitchen areas. A course Windex has the nod for an important glass cleaner but there is also glass plus for those Cypress house cleaning efforts. Lysol remains available at most markets when needed for Cypress house cleaning.

I'm always certain to have at least one gal in the white vinegar handy. It's perfect for watching shower curtain liners and washing machine and for cleaning glass. Once diluted in water to clean wood floors, it helps to cut grace. Mix with lemon juice and dish soap it becomes a terrific surface cleaner

house cleaning includes removing trash, rubbish, from the premises. It means cleaning Cypress surfaces and dusting and vacuuming horizontal and vertical surfaces as needed course, we need to vacuum at least once a week when it comes to horizontal surfaces on the floor. I get in our house cleaning out the way, we reduce unwanted orders and leave fewer places that will become habitat for insects and microscopic organisms like bacteria and viruses. We know that by keeping up on our house cleaning we reduce mold growth in wet or moist areas. Grease smudges on glass surfaces and even refrigerator and freezer door handles soon become smeared with our own body oils and cooking greases.

We know toilets and bathtubs need cleaning at least once a week, not unlike the old days when the master of the house was first to take a bath on Saturday night and was soon followed by the children and last but not least, the lady of the house. This once a week bath figured in her schedule. When they miss that schedule, they regretted it and probably more than we regret missing our cleaning schedule around the house.

We know what types of brooms, mops, and sponges to use in our house just as we know about our vacuum cleaner and how well it does the job for us if we only take time use it. Life is short, and working every day of the week takes a lot out of life. So we think, "wouldn't it be nice?".


It's important to dust and reminded how important it is to DOS when we finally slowed down in our daily rhythm and noticed that eyeball level DOS now stands out. And we don't even want to bring up issues of dusting related to "high dust and low quote low dust." Dust in those places doesn't belong anywhere it is not fair that I should have to clean it, we think. But ultimately somebody will clean it and you and I both know you'll feel better if it gets done before friends or relatives.

And soon enough dust becomes dirt, because "dirt" is that stuff that simply out of place. It does not belong there and we know we do not want it in our home. We have no place for dust in our lives even though we do live in Cypress. Yes we can use nice terms like "soil" for dirt. But it doesn't help any and we can call it the the detritus of life if we want. Is not going to help. Call it what we may, we know that stuff doesn't belong our Cypress home.

And soon enough dust becomes dirt, because "dirt" is that stuff that simply out of place. It does not belong there and we know we do not want it in our home. We have no place for dust in our lives even though we do live in Cypress. Yes we can use nice terms like "soil" for dirt. But it doesn't help any and we can call it the the detritus of life if we want. Is not going to help. Call it what we may, we know that stuff doesn't belong our Cypress home.

Tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals

Cypress doors offer most of what we need for our house cleaning efforts. At one time Cypress house cleaning efforts benefited from Cypress carpet cleaning companies, but they have disappeared rather quickly in the last decade or two. It's because carpet sound become a second and third choice for homeowners comes a floor covering. In a way this helps benefit our Cypress house cleaning task because carpets require so much effort and energy to clean.

Besides offering a Cypress house cleaning service, I also offer a Cypress hoarding cleanup service. Most often when I'm doing a Cypress hoarding cleanup effort it soon becomes a Cypress house cleaning activity. The two seem to go hand-in-hand. Cypress families would just send them to do their house cleaning once the hoarding issues are removed. Hoarding cleanup





Orange County, California is known for being home to some of the most popular cities in the country. Anaheim alone with Disneyland since 1955 as world renowned name. It is one of the "happiest places on earth" and is easily found between Santa Anna in Buena Park. Buena Park is home to Knotts Berry Farm and one time was famous for having an alligator park. West of Buena Park we find the city of Cypress, a city now housing Yamaha mortar Corporation, Mitsubishi, and a famous world-class horse race track. The city of Irvine as historical fame for being one of the first rancheros settled by Spanish ranchers appointed by the Spanish government.

Over 3 million residents enjoy Orange County's favorable, Mediterranean like weather.


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